I like to tie up some of my male friends, I use rope, handcuffs, cable ties and duct tape. It turns me on big time, I have a fetish for tying people up & being tied up but I don't know if my friends know. I have 1 mate who lets me tie him up and I haven't got the guts to ask him. I tie him up every time he comes over, I can have him tied up for a few hours before he asks to be let go and even then 8/10 time I let him go without him asking. I also secretly take pictures.
Handcuff501 Handcuff501
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You can tie me up. Where do you live?

It's me that likes to get tied up and I'm in the uk


I to like to be tied up I would love to be tricked in to it maybe just saying can I try to tie you up then ones my hands are tied you get more rope out and start to tie me up good and proper I say stop and you say shut up I say let me go now you say right that's it you stuff a reg in my mouth then wrap duct tap round my mouth 5 or 6 times then you finish tieing me when you have finished I am tied up so tight that I can't move at all you get up look at me and say let's see you get out of that then is this something you could do to me please tell