But I Really Do

Yes, I want to tie you up. It was usually my reply to a girl at the end of a certain conversation between us. And there was pleasent excitement combined with moderate fear and a feeling something "dangerous" was going to happen.

I never continued talking, this is where I would start tying my girl. If I continued this talk I would be saying something like this:

- I want to tie your hands behind your back, just to make you feel how helpless you'd be with only your hands tied.

- I want to see if your elbows touch behind your back. If they do I will tie them touching, of not I will tie them as close as they go. I want to see the look on your face when I do something you did not expect, like this. You saw movies and everything, you know about hands behind back bondage. But for elbows being tied you don't - this is new for you. I want to see the look on your face when you realize how accessible your boobs are this way.

- I want to tie your ankles together. Then I want you to see that you can walk on your toes with your ankles bound. I just adore when you say you can't walk with your legs tied but then realize that you can and that you will.

- I want to tie your knees together - another kinky thing known only to us guys who are into bondage.

- I want to sit you next to me on the couch and put a ball-gag in your mouth. I want to see you not really believeing that you are about to be gagged. I want to see the confusion on your face the first time you see a ball-gag and its kinky looks.

- I want to tie your ankles to your tied wrists and explain to you that this is called "hogtie" position and that you'll be in it until I decide.

- I want you to enjoy.

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

As I have told you before you are a great communicator and I love the respect that you have for your subs. I can't be with a man that does not respect me and that I do not respect. What would you do at the point that one of your subs just can't believe she can do what you are asking of her?