Captivated And Caught

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She squeezes my now how hard ****, thick and fat knob, trailing pre *** on her chest and inbetween her boobs she's moving up and down my ridged ****! She keeps wrapping her lips around the head and flicking the tip of her tongue in my *** hole digging out my pre ***! Her **** feel so ******* good, she's picking up the pace on my ****! She's now rubbing her teeth on the shiny knob! I'm shooting pre *** now! On her face, chest and in her mouth! After each shot in her mouth she's licking her lips smiling encouraging the real thing. I reach back and stuff two fingers in her juicy ***** and bring it first to my nostrils then to my mouth, she taste so good!! I look down at her big eyes and she kisses the head and hungrily says she wants please! I can't hold off any more cause I could do this for hours it seems!! She takes control I start shooting, no more like pumping. My eyes involuntarily closed!!! All I'm feeling is sucking, licking and tonguing!! She draining my heavy balls sucking out the the very bottom!! I must of ejactulated 20 times!! That's all I remember cause I fell off calapsing on the side of her, passed the **** out!!! The rest you'll have to ask her, 'cause she wrecked me, simply demolished beautifully!!!! Well that's my want and fantasy of Sex4meandu
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Ohhh baby love to make it come true.. 💋

Oh Lordy Let's