Now One Can Steal Egypt’s Revolution

"For the revolution people to protect it” is today's big protests title; the revolution has people to protect it!

During the Egyptian election I was not a supporter of Morsi, in fact, I really didn't want him to come as I oppose the Muslim Brotherhood so much, however, when he was against Shafiq who's just another "worse" version of Mubarak, I said he is still better than him and I hoped he will get elected. 

It was not just me who thought this way, most of Egyptians thought the same way when they were put in this stupid situation to choose between two bad choices, most of the 50% that elected him they did because of this reason.

Still when he became the president of Egypt, I put my opposition aside (like most Egyptians) and hopped he will do well for Egypt.
Since he got elected he has been taking stupid decisions and every time he faces an opposition he would just take it back which became a joke. What kind of president who keeps making decisions and taking them back!

The last “constitutional” decision that gave him absolute powers over everything/anyone has just caused an explosion that no one expected!

Today I am not able to sit, I am really not able to sit because of how much I am enthusiastic, I wish I was in Egypt at the moment. As I am watching the TV I felt like I am living the last year all over again, Tahirir squire just looks exactly the same as it was at Mubarak’s time, I am hearing the same chants (Erhal: LEAVE) and (The people want to topple the regime ) and  many others that I memorised from the last revolution, the fact that the people are using the same chants is just critical, it shows that they really want to get him to step down and nothing else, which makes me happy in some way and worried as well.

Happy because I have never wanted him, have never wanted the Muslim brotherhood or any Islamists for that matter to rule Egypt, worried because as much as I want to replace him with someone better I am still afraid of the chaos that will be caused afterwards, we will just return to the beginning point, it is not gonna be easy and there will be lost of risks, still I think Morsi himself is a risk!

Thinking about it is tiring because both directions seem risky, leaving such a “God” president who’s his decisions are absolute is extremely threatening and removing him is ALSO threatening!

Let’s wait and see, but I am just happy to feel the revolution spirit, I was sure that now one can steal Egypt’s revolution and today is an enough proof.

 Anonymous in Egypt! 

Hamdeen Sabbahi Chanting in Tahrir square!

"sorry for choosing you Morsi"

Crowded Tahrir square!  Long Live Egypt!
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

I agree with you 100% about Morsi and the Islamic Brotherhood. I just hope this doesn't become another blood bath.

Hopefully not!

Maybe Morsi is not that stupid. My friend and I were talking about it and I said I think Morsi will back off.