Kicked In The Nuts Unmercifully

This is a true story & not a make of fiction, I visited a local massage parlor that lets you indulge in some forms of kink as long as it doesn't involve intercourse. You are able to select one or more ladies of your choice & tell them of your fantasy to which they will try to cater to the best of their abilities.

Coming to my experience I selected a tall about 5 ft '6' goddess wearing a saree ( six yards of elegantly draped silk) which is the type of dress code of my country. I kneel in front of her & tell exactly what she must do to me. which includes viscous kicks with her slippered feet to my nuts, paddling my nuts with her slippers, nipple torturing,face slapping & spitting & finally subject to release by the stroking of my man hood with her sandal clad feet.

Well she catered to all my fantasies with vigour & enthusiasm as she was naturally a domina with dark & mean streak. The session begen where I knelt on the floor at her feet legs spread apart giving her ample room for those precise & viscous kicks. At some point I collapsed at her feet but she didn't let let up only to aim her kicks at my ribs face, neck & torso. One of those kicks caught me on the lip causing it to bleed slightly. The amazing part is it is that the pain caused me to get fully erect & drip dribbles of precum.
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I would make you very happy. <br />
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I'd ravage your useless sack, with my perfect feet. I would land a swift kick right in the seam of your scrotum. I'd enjoy making you lick the soles of my shoes, while your balls throbbed with pain and your face turned red. I would forbid you to touch them to massage away the ache. I would laugh and make you open your mouth and I'd spit directly into your mouth and if any landed on your face, I punish you if you tried to wipe it off.

Thank you! I bet your tongue is perfect for them.