Total Piece Of Crap...but It Does.

I must have the worst computer in the world, its slow, picks up about every virus going, despite so called protection, it freezes all the time, automatically just shuts down on you. God it drives me crazy! The hard drive is for want of better word...totally buggered. I am only grateful that i have any use of the internet at all so i can continue to real out my stories and continue to bore the pants off all my lovely friends here at ep...thanksx 

Blondevixon Blondevixon
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3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Ill blame mine for that also carriewpd...when actually its just me and my speedy typing and lack of use of the spell checker lol! ILovemycock, why do you want me to add you? If its just to look at my album you would be dissapointed theres no full nudity, just lingerie shots. And you may be a really cool guy but your name put me off im afraid. I like to add people who interest me or for shared experiences. I add people with names like yours they view my album then bugger off and i never here from them again. Im not here for cybersex.

Don't all computers act that way? Mine has a spelling problem on top of the others.

Oh yeah nticeme? Is he a smallish man? With a nice arse? Lol! Im skint but maybe we could *** to some agreement? Ill try that Ed...knowing my look ill come off worse! Probably be electrocuted are summat