The Urge Got To Great

One night home aloan just wanted to be a complete woman. It was about 22:30 so I ******** and had a bath and shaved comletley. I dried my self and put perfume on followed by eye makeup and wiig, I then dressed in a pair of black sheer to waste tights and a black see through bra which I filled with water filled ballons. My breast look terfific, I then put on a short party dress and high heel strapy sandle shoes plus make up, I was was so nervous but the urge go me and I went out of the house and walked arounnd the bloke. Some people swa me but did not say anything I even got a beep from a car going by that me=ade me feel great.The feeling was great the fresh air aound my leg was fantastc. I would love to do this again but I need the nerve to do it.
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9 Responses May 12, 2012

Great stories! Would like to be a friend to you.

oo if ill be close to you honey...........

Would be nice mmm

you go girl when i find acd friend near me(baltimore,md) il take the plunge

Thank you, I still remember the felling which was an experience in its self. I wish i had the nerve to do it again.

very brave - I bet the tights felt great afterwards!

keep ractising, a little a t a time tl your confidence grows

I too love it so much but remain in the closet because of loved ones that would not take the embarassement to well.

Go for it man. It's great. So far I have had no problems and love being out en fem.

Jenny, thank you for your comment. I enjoyed the experience so much.