One Of The Times I Was Out Dressed

Me and my roommate went to gay bar downtown to meet up with some other cd friends, the place was slow so we decided to head to another place we knew left our car and got a ride with another girl. Had a good time left at closing time and our ride had left, we had to walk 30 blocks through a kind of bad neighborhood at 4:30am and we were out of cigarettes as we went by a fire house we saw a fireman outside smoking. Roommate told me to hold on she would get us some, so there I was alone after about 30 minutes I went looking for her. There she was in an alley bent over with her skirt up and the fireman with his pants down. The tramp so I walked up and asked if he had a brother or could he again for 30 minutes. Was told no. So jealous but she did get us some cigs.
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Did the fireman have a long hose?

Great story. It's a shame the fireman wouldn't go get someone for you.

Now that is a classic example of why it is better to go out with a group.....for sure there would have been an extra member willing to

Would have been glad to have you along

I would love that too!

It happen it's his loss

What good is a fireman without a working hose?

Cant beleave he didnt take you up on the offer I couldn't have said no

Oh well, no **** that night, but as you said at least you got some smokes.

It was one of those slutty notes dear you understand I'm sure

we've all had nights like that

And we have lived and loved through it girl