Dressed From Waist Down

Great 1st for me today.Took a step outside the closet when i went to see my elderly mother in her residential accommodation block. Decided to dress from the waist down in panties, stockings,skirt & heels to drive the 35miles home. Also had my bra on under my male t-shirt.
I had to walk down a corridor past 6 other flats, down 2 flights of stairs & then had a 500yard walk to get to the car park. That's not a great distance but when it's your first time & trying to look feminine walking in heels it seems like it takes forever, (eyes darting all over the place to see if you've been spotted). When i got outside the feel of the cold air up my skirt & around my nylon covered legs was electric & such a turn on.
The drive home was nice also once i mastered driving in heels for the first time, not as hard as i thought it would be. Will try going the fully dressed route next time. Having experienced this thrill i definately want to get out dressed this year. Don't know if anyone saw me but if they did i hope it turned them on as much did for me.
The sad part was that i had to change back to male before i got back indoors as wife still in the dark about my dressing. This all took place at 3pm british time.
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

well done friend......you took your first step and I wish you many more of the same. Your biggest one would be telling your wife about your secret. I came out to mine many years ago and because she loved me so much (and still does) it wasn't a problem and never has been. Good luck in all you do and will do in the future....xx

Wonderful first step!

You next big step will be to get your wife used to it, but she will. The first time is the most difficult, and you might try baby steps with her. Maybe only wearing panties in front of her, and shaving your pubic area clean. I expect she'll grow to like it!