I have done this twice. The first time was many years ago. I dressed in some of my wifes' clothes and wearing a headscarf I walked out of the house and up the street and continued walking for quite a distance I even had a chat with a young lad, Who incidentally said that he did'nt believe I was a woman. Cheeky little bugger. Anyway ! after that I thought I had better get of the streets.

For two years from 1990 my wife and I were with an entertainment group who went around nursing homes and senior citizens clubs entertaining the oldies. I was the female impersonator and over time I refined my female characteristics and one day decided to put them to the test . By this time I had a selection of wigs so I could make myself a bit more realistic. So with the help of my wife in the makeup department we got ready and trotted off to the local shopping centre to do the shopping. it went quite well and we got away with it, so much so that a friend asked my wife who she was shopping with. She did'nt believe it when she told her it was me. so a few days later we did it again and went to call on the friend just to prove it. She had to see the whole outfit so I took off the dress so that hse could see the underwear. She was part of our entertainment group so she had seen me ******** off on many occasions while changing for different acts.

Those are the only two occasions so far but I am hoping there will be others.I have walked through a small suburban supermarket dressed only in a hand towel on a few occasions. Raised a few eyebrows.

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:) You're such a daring dude. I'd like half your courage.