My First Walk

 It was 5 o’clock in the morning of a cold winter day and as usual I was up alone and downstairs in the kitchin. On the surface I was awake and about because I was about to go on my paper-round but in reality it was too early for that. No, the reason I was up and about was that I was 14 and lived with my two sisters, my mother and stepfather and it was the only time I was safe from prying eyes. Or at least as safe as I could be in that house. I go to the garage door and as quietly as possible ease it open and then turn on the light. Behind the door is the washing basket and I quickly search in it for the things I have hidden there the night before. Finding them I take them out and go back into the kitchen, watching the dark stairwell leading to the others rooms as I pass  hoping that no one is stirring. In the kitchen I put my treasures on the sofa there and gaze at them with longing - a pair of white Dorothy Perkins panties, all silky and lacey with a small bow at the front, a silky and flowery shortish skirt and a pair of my mothers tights. I am starting to gain that fantastic feeling that this always brings.

I rid myself of my trousers, trousers and socks and gently lift the panties from the sofa and slip them on, up over my shins passed my thighs and over my by now stiffening ****. My body shots through with pleasure, the way the panties cling to my backside and encase my **** is a feeling I lay awake at night thinking about. These are the panties I will dream about forever, the ones my sister allowed me to wear when she dressed me up, my first pair of silky woman’s undies I had really worn. I then inexpertly pulled on the tights, enjoying the look of my legs in the nylon and the way it pressed the panties against my **** and against my backside. Finally I put on the skirt and felt another thrill as the silky material touched and caressed the material of the tights, this was almost heaven. The finishing touch was supplied by the black platform shoes that were fashionable at the time that could be male or female and in fact where given to me by my mum. The fact that they were woman’s shoes did not occur to me until much later, how ironic that my mother gave me my first pair of woman’s shoes!

Normally the morning would progress with me staying dressed for a little while, reach a climax and then somewhat resentfully having to and undress in the downstairs toilet but today was different. Today I decided to put on my parka and see how my skirt and tights looked with the coat and then as if I was in a trance I picked up my trousers, socks and underpants and placed them in my paper-round bag. I was being driven my unseen forces of desire and my heart started to beat faster than ever as I turned off the light and approached the back door.

I open the door, it is black and cold out there and the night wind caresses my legs and brushes against my panties, if I was ever going to go back that feeling stopped any such thoughts. I stepped out, I can hardly breath, I am in the street dressed as a girl. I lock the back door and walk backwards looking up at my parent’s bedroom fearing a twitching curtain but the house is blind at this moment. I turn and walk out the gate and walk quickly, too quickly, slow down savour the feeling, this is fantastic, "god don’t let me meet anyone". I carry on across the green and down the road, the cold breeze is like an aphrodisiac as it envelopes by nylon encased legs and the feel of the skirt touching and gently banging them as I walk is wonderful. "I am free, I am free" I seem to sing inwardly as I walk, to be dressed like this and outside can it get any better?

I can’t risk being out long, other boys on their rounds might see me. I head to the woods and finding a safe looking place drop my bag and slip my hand up my skirt. I pull the tights down gently, not too much as I want to retain the feeling of them but enough to release my panties and get my **** out. I am wet, so wet it is so good. I caress it but it needs no effort and soon I rock back and forth in muted pleasure as I release my pent up excitement onto the grass. My first time and I know now that I want more of this.

SusanMarina SusanMarina
Feb 12, 2010