I Am Soooo Ready!!!

I have been crossdressing on and off now for the last 2 years.  I want so much to finally express myself and show my girlie side. I am into the secreterial/proffessional look and would love to put on a grey pencil skirt, pantyhose, black 4 inch pumps, white button up blouse, glasses, purse, and walk from my car straight into an office building like I work there.  I get so turned on fantasizing about it. 

I believe if givin the chance, I can pull it off.

I also fantasize about going to a bar dressed conservatively possibly in a tight pair of jeans and high heels and being asked to slow dance by a very cute gentleman.  Just the thought of him grabbing my hand and slowly leading me to the dance floor makes me shake.  Then while we are dancing I want to look him in the eye and smile.  After the dance we walk off of the floor hand in hand to the bar and he buys me a drink as we sit at a table and cuddle while we get to know each other. 

I wnat so much to experience these things as I know I would have the time of my life.

Does anyone else have the same fantasies?

Let us know.


Kelli Ann



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I am ALSO into the secreterial / proffessional look and would love to put on a grey pencil skirt AND SHEERto the waist black pantyhose,

What a nice feminine look. ... perhaps a touch of lace trim on your thin white blouse, that allows glimpses of the beautiful lace-trimmed bodice of your slip? A pencil skirt and 4" heels? ... You won't have to worry about your walk, and keeping your knees together. There is no way to avoid a very feminine gait ... and attractive wiggle... and there will be no fast escapes. There is no better way to learn how to walk like a feminine lady than a tight skirt and heels... even your posture with your elbows in and your arms lifted out to your side is dictated by your precarious balance. Slow, deliberate care and caution is a must ... one little misstep and there is no way to catch yourself from falling flat on your face. And there is no straining to sit femininely. With a tight skirt and heels, your knees are held tightly, while your feet must be directly under your knees ... forced into perfectly prim posture. There are many pleasing feminine images ... this is certainly one.

I have a similar fantasy, except it is a lesbian, somewhat assertive, taking the lead, making me feel the girl... Ahhh, it's fun just to write it!

My Dear Kellianne,<br />
Oh yes! A lot of us have this fantasy/feeling/desire to go out dressed up and expose ourselves to the world...I have only been out on the sidewalk in front of my house teetering up and down the sidewalk (very very late at night)...or out driving in the car (terrified and thrilled at the same time!)...but wanting it more and more...and wanting to do this with another CD/TV...and have oral sex with each other in public...sigh...and be bound tightly against another CD/TV in a hot '69' position...unable to escape...until someone else frees us hours later...or exposing ourselves together on a motel/hotel balcony...<br />
The erotic "Snow-Queen" of Tarts,<br />
"Bizarre Suzanne"

I have had the experience of hugging a man. I had a friend who took me out for my birthday one night and I wanted to get dressed up and be his date. He said OK and off we went. I was dressed in a black dress and bra and pantyhose and I sat next to him as we drove around. He started rubbing my leg and I responded by returning the favor. I got really excited and rubbed a little to far up his leg until I found myself holding his ****. I played with him for awhile ahd he asked me to kiss the head of his penis. I had never done anything like this before and I didn't want to at first, but he said he rerally wanted me to. So I kilssed his penis head then I slipped my lips down over his shaft and and started going up and down on him. He came in my mouth and I sucked him dry. We didn't talk about it until later, but we want to do it again. I had fun being his date and enjoyed my first time with a man

Yes my love we do! I love and enjoy the secretary look and often wear a pencil skirt and matching jacket with 3" or 4" heels and a sweater when I go out shopping or my hometown club.