Wouldn't It Be Nice!

To wake up in the morning and climb out of bed in your nite gown to start the day as a womanwith the plan to spend the whole day as one,do what ever your day has instore. Like shopping for one or getting the oil change in the car,even getting a bite to eat and of coure a trip to the salon to get more perttyed up.Being able to dress and go out in public and be yourself would be so nice. 

Donnas Donnas
46-50, M
2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

I used to get all dressed up in a mini shirt and go for a drive on the interstate and pass trucks and let the drivers see my legs. Sometimes I would pull my shirt up so they could see my panties.

Totally agree, pop out shopping and for a drive often with full lingerie on...but under "male" clothes. Would love to pop on my heels and a dress too, throw wig on and mmm, thinking 'bout it excites me.....