Wow...what A Bubble (:

So im typing this from my no singing muppets...just me...a qwerty keyboard and my thoughts... (Wow that sounded deep even for me lol)Smiley is one awesome chick..she has talked me of the emotional ledge a few times lol and did it with such love and care that i cant help but love her.she posts the best..and i mean the best questions....almost like we planned them and they were written just for me *wink* :::::makes side note....remember to write that cheque::::: She makes me laugh..she makes me smile..she is just awesome.that little bubble is just the bestest of the best (:
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2 Responses Mar 20, 2012

I couldn't agree with you more MissBlackMagic! :)

*blushing* ok..I AM. The best bubble around, but I have met the most beautiful kitty-panda-dino-puppy dog in the whole wide world of EP and she has been there for me too! We have always had a fresh box of tissues when the other one needs it. (That would be always...if we aren't wiping away sad tears, its those pesky tears of laughter!) Love u!