Made Up My Mind

And am transitioning now. I have accepeted the woman that is me and the male that has tried to hold her down and dominate her but now she will emerge and become the woman that she has always wanted and should be. My mind and body would be and should be complete. Yes the woman in me is happy now and ready to come out and grow and share, the male part well, go back to your hiding spot!  

Lyndsey2u Lyndsey2u
61-65, T
3 Responses Mar 28, 2009

the only shrink i saw was on line not good enough so i am going to get medi cal and a real shrink for the hideous person i was acting like is finally dead forever and i will never resurrect that shithead even if a shrink thinks different--- i am not young so i had over 50 years to hide in a horrible life of denial and abuse me a female is what i am not who or what i choose i was born this way and finally decided to stop running and start living for the first time since i was a very young child...thank you hon for such good informative respond i am giung to chek it out----Lyns

Have you seen a psychiatrist yet? I did a long time ago - many times, and transitioned not only long ago, but am two years post-op, at 20, and a college student. For me, being a young woman is natural, and for me, having a vulva, breasts, and feminine body are only what I should have been born with. Check out "Second Type Woman" website. I wish you well, but know thoroughly what you are in store for with research. Jackieperson9

Thank you for your help and support. It gets so hard to transition and nobody seems to understand except my doctor and others like me. Loves and kisses Brittani