I'm a Widow Who Does Not Want to Travel Alone

I want to travel moe, but the idea of going alone does not appeal to me. I used to travel alot because I was in the travel industry.  I have traveled with other travel agents and I used to traveled with my husband when he was alive.

Now as a widow, I long to go on short trips more often and take at least one overseas trip every year...before I get OLD !LOL  I am 62 year old now and I really would prefer to go with other my own age. I don't go far at night, as a matter of fact I rather stay near my hotel at night, and go a few places in the day.  By local bus or taxi. 

Everything is better if you have compatible company to share things with, whether its theater, a meal or a taxi .  Now we don't have to do everything together.  One may  want to just relax all day.  I know I don't want someone who has to go all the time.

To have to save for a special trip is fun, because you have something to look forward to together.  Credit cards are okay but I don't want to go on a trip knowing I have to spend the next year paying for it..I'd rather be saving for my next trip than paying on a credit card.

Does anyone else feel as I do?  I think I want to go to inexpensive. but beautiful Portugal in 2009.  

csan csan 61-65, F 9 Responses Apr 2, 2008

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I feel the same way losty my husband last Xmas. Know one to travel with

if u would like to take visit to dubai uae, i am here to court u around uae....

and i am an indian so if u have any idea to india also i am happy to join with my family with u for a long trip... and there r a lot of places to see both in uae and india...

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Sounds like a familiar story. I am widowed since 2004 and ready to start going again, low key, inexpensive, short hops to start.

Not interested in romance, just travel friend.


Sounds like a familiar story. I am widowed since 2004 and ready to start going again, low key, inexpensive, short hops to start.

Not interested in romance, just travel friend.

i would luv to travel I am a 42 year old young cultured man

For the lady who would like to travel more but not alone. I am tentatively planning a tranatlantic cruise that goes to Portagul. Would you be interested in a 65 year old woman roommate for this cruise?

You really have travelled around. I have never been to the US, in fact I cannot get my head around the size of the country, I have always wanted to see the Niagara Falls, they fascinate me, and the Grand Canyon of course, places like New York do not interest me much, I like the more out of the way places and the south sounds a lovely place, and the people seem to be so friendly there.

Thank you for your reply......I lived in England , Jamaica, Africa and I am now living in the US. I am sorry to say(other have found this true too. Unless the people are from the South (very different), Northerners and Americans from the West, were I live are not very friendly. I really love England.

I am on my own csan, but a few years ago I plucked up courage and booked a coach holiday to Eastbourne. There were a few other single travellers on the coach and we found we always had someone to dine with or go out with. But there were excursions several times during our stay and all of the people mixed together, it was great.

Until my retirement I could never afford a holiday as such, and have never been abroad. However, this coming Christmas I have booked a holiday in Austria, a coach holiday again, all excursions and entertainment are laid on, but you do not have to join them if you want to do something else. So this coming Christmas I will be christening my first ever passport!

I am also looking for a short summer hoiday but have not decided yet. So do not be afraid of going it alone, there is always sure to be someone else who is in the same position, and some firms cater for single travellers only. good luck!