Eye At Night

A few months back I was lucky enough to get to London for the first time. Although I enjoyed the city, the pubs, its people and the architecture I also loved seeing it at night. Here is one of my favorite places, The London Eye:

View of parliament and Big Ben

The next car down with the city behind it - the car moves so slow you can't tell its moving until you look at the next one.

View to the left of the Thames - The London Jazz Festival was going on at the Convention Centre on the right.

View of the Thames with the edge of Parliament on the right.

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5 Responses Jan 10, 2013

There is so much more to England than London. I live near Nottingham (Robin hood and sherwood forest) and i love cornwall it is the most picturesque place.If you ever get the chance to drive around go to cornwall it is beautiful especially if you have good weather.

I also loved going to London but it was for its shopping and of course playing tourist. I left a huge chuck of my heart in a small village north east of London. If I could I would move back to the UK to spend the rest of my life there. I just EVERYTHING about it... Oh now I am craving fish and chips and a pint of cider. I can almost taste it. Thanks for taking me there again, even if it is just a dream. :)

Don't tell anyone but it was the lingerie department first then the children's toys department and of course the food was excellent. Ok I just loved the entire store. lol

Thanks for sharing these awesome photos.

wow thanks for posting these pictures :) made me a tiny bit home sick, I'm a London girl myself but now live in a little village in Australia. love both places but so very different.
Glad to see you enjoyed the life and chaos of London :)

Wow, what an escape!! Great pictures you have here. The city lights made it all possible to see the vast image of what you are infact witnessing. Good shot for a night view LTG. I'm sure the place absolutely took your breath away. Magnificent view.