Tennis Anyone?

On a recent trip to London and not only saw some of the incredible sights of the city I also got to see the ATP Barclays Men’s Tennis Final at the O2. I’ve never seen tennis live before so wasn’t sure what to expect. Turns out it is a blast to watch live. What I found amazing is how quiet 18,000 people get during the rallys. The match I saw was between Roger Federer and Juan Martin del Potro. Watching Federer was like watching a living legend. I was in awe and the crowd was definitely behind him. But del Potro was a tough competitor and he ended up winning. Maybe next year I’ll go back

Federer vs. del Potrodel Potro is a huge guy...he is 6'6" tall, an incredible reach and sometimes served over 135 miles per hour.

Federer warmng up

getting warmer....

Grand Entrance after warmups

Federer getting loose

taking a break between sets...I think he is losing the match at this point.
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

I love watching tennis matches, it's a sport I love next to swimming. Though I'm not good at both,^^ I am desperately trying to convince my son to take tennis lesson next year, or choose and join tennis club when he enters High. Actually he is not into any kind of sports. And this just worries me (as a mother).^^