I want to travel EVERYWHERE. I find the world so interesting. It's been here for years and years and will (hopefully) continue to exist for many more. I'd love to visit all of America. There are a lot of cool places like Salem and Forks and the Mall of America. And Canada would be awesome. There's also Mexico! And every European country, especially France<3. I just want to see every different part of the world and experience the culture and soak up the architecture. (:

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Wow that's great. I'll start doing that.

Then now is the time to start saving for the trip. One of the things I like to do for travel funds is throw change at a jar. When I spend folding money, I get back pocket change. When I get home, I throw the pocket change at a change jar. When the jar fills up, I roll up the change and put it in a saving account at the bank. (Minor catch: bank wanted a minimum of $200 to have an interest bearing account). During one period when the jobs came often, that amounted to $50 a month. Two years of steady work later, I had enough saved for a trip to Key West. I took the dive boats out and swam in coral reefs. Got to pet writer Ernest Hemingway's cats (his home is a tourist stop). Got my Hog's Breath t-shirt. All kind of fancy things. <hr /><br />
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Got spare change? Three, four years . . . Welcome to Paris.

No, not yet, That's not for a while.

I rattle on a bit, that's for sure. You setting a dead line for visiting the East Bank of Paris yet?

You sure do know a lot !

Before you go, you might want to develop some pen pals who might put you up. Once you leave the US you run smack into the metric system. When you start writing people abroad, you should be prepared to translate American measurements to metric or they won't know what you're talking about. Once you're in the habit of translating ASE to metric, you'll won't hesitate when you visit travel sites that say things like it's 6c in Paris today. (That's 43f). My Thai pen pal keeps telling me she's suffering at 33c right now. It's a good thing to go ahead and develop a metric conversion spreadsheet. <hr /><br />
It also doesn't hurt to look up currancy conversion websites and link them with your metric spreadsheet. It's baffling when they tell you what kind of gas milage they get in liters per kilometer and what a liter cost in Swedish Krona. One of these days, I'm going to add some of the more esotric conversions to my spreadsheet for the UK folks who talk about weight in stones. <hr /><br />
There's only four countries that use the American system of measurement in degrees F, inches, feet, gallons, pints, etc. We baffle the planet, we do.

Wow that's great!

One way to trim travel costs abroad is by booking a private room on a cargo ship, sometimes called "a tramp steamer." It's much cheaper than air fare. However, it'll take you several days to get across either the Pacific or the Alantic Oceans often crusing at anywhere from five to 12 knots. <br />
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By the way, an unlikely sounding way to get travel discounts for overseas trips is to join the American Automobile Association (AAA -- one less 'a' and they'd have to stop drinking). Their travel agents come with a membership. They'll even take your passport picture and process your traveler's checks for free. They can find discounts on hotels, motels, B&Bs, theme parks (yes, France has EuroDisney) and all sort of evils.

Thanks for all the great tips!<br />
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& I like them, usually.

You might consider taking a class in French. French teachers generally get deep discounts for their students who want to study or travel in France. Youth hostels can turn Paris into a cheap trip. One ultra cheap way to travel is to hang out at the pilot's lounge at the airport and hitch a ride. The insanely wealthy fly their own jet planes and could use a travel companion for the next six hours aloff. Naturally, they're prone to file their flight planes, review the weather, etc. in the pilot's lounge. <br /><br /> How do you feel about older men?

Wow, that sounds absolutely terrible. That poor country :(<br />
<br />
No, I haven't. I will when I know I have time to travel. But right now, I'm focusing on college and finding a job. =/

I've noticed on the Travel Channel, they've never sent anyone to Chad. It's a country about the size of Texas with about 500 miles of mostly unpaved roads in bad condition. You've got no idea how wonderful the phrase "paved roads" sounds until you've been in the third world, forced to crawl down the main highway at 5 mph because of the pot holes. <br /><br /><br />
You been looking how cheap Paris can get in the dead of winter?

Wow, that sounds terrible. I never knew that.<br />
Mongolia? I don't have plans for visiting there anytime soon.<br />
If I could go anywhere right now, it'd be Europe. Especially France.

Often I discribe Chad as the dingleberry of the planet, a land of desert bandits, sleeping sickness, civil unrest, frequent famines and lately featured on stories on where to buy children escaping from whole sale ethnic cleaning. The World Health Organization has a three page list on shots visitors are supposed to have before and AFTER leaving Chad. A place of little sanitation practices where both eating and drinking is one way to need to see a doctor and darn few places to get medical care. <br />
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That's followed by someone saying "Chad? Where the hell is THAT?"<br />
<br />
Apparently a country worth forgetting. I've never seen anyone on the Internet ever claim to have been there or lives there. <br />
<br />
So what's your plans for visiting Mongolia?

Lol alright.

Just promise me to shoot the travel agent if he tries to send you to Chad.

Wow, you're so worldly lol. :)

Wow, you're so worldly lol. :)

I have exchanged post cards with a few of them over the years. One of them was on the Ross Ice Shelf. I'm not going to EVER go there. Promise. However, there is a nice little 20 year old who wants to go backpacking with me in Romania -- if I ever get to Romania. <br /><br /><br />
Then there was the backpacker from Oregon who flew in to go backpacking with me in the Smokey Mountains outside of Knoxville, TN and a UN worker who sent me airfare to visit her in New York City. <br /><br /><br />
Want a postcard? :-)

That sounds so cool !

I like writing to people in different parts of the world. When I get together the traveling money, I go visit them. In the short term I can learn what it's like where they live. Amsterdam awaits!

Good idea and thank you!

I hope your wish comes true but until then try google street view...I love cruising the streets of ordinary places in far away places.