All 7 Continents

I've always had this goal to see all 7 continents before I die. They are all so vastly different, yet all equally amazing. South America, Africa, and Australia could all be considered 'jungles', but they are all so different from the other, and probably equally as dangerous. When I say dangerous, I mean the jungle parts of those areas, I'm not trying to offend anyone.

Also just to see all the different cultures would be amazing! Just think how many different cultures there are in Asia alone. Wow. I get really excited just thinking about it. I'm in North America now, but am hoping to catch a boat over to Europe within the next 4-5 months. I'm excited because most boats stop over in Iceland-which would be beautiful to see. I plan on backpacking/exploring Europe and all her countries, and then maybe checking out Egypt- I eventually want to see a lot more of Africa, but I would like to learn some native languages and need to get vaccines and stuff first. After Egypt I would like to head over to India and start my exploration of Asia.

Originally I was hoping to get to Asia by way of the berring (sp?) strait that is between Alaska and Russia, but realistically that's not a good idea. I would love to see Alaska though.

I also have a goal once I get to South America- which I think is last on my list after Antarctica ( that continent is at least 10 years away if not more), that on my way back to North America (because eventually I'd like to come back) I go through the bermuda triangle. We'll see though.
meeeshell meeeshell
22-25, F
Jan 17, 2013