A Country A Year

My Dad raised his children with a unique, admirable goal: No matter where we are in life, no matter how busy we are or what life throws at us, we must always have visited at least 1 country each year. Since he's lost track of how old he is, we dont know if he has fallen behind but because of his influence I have visited 21 countries in 18 years. When people ask me why I say "Why would I want to stay put when I could keep going?!" Going abroad is always amazing. There is too much culture in the world to not expose yourself to it. I think our extensive travel has been a defining factor when I was growing up. And you can bet that if I ever have kids they will stay ahead of the Travel Game too.

My visited countries:
New Zealand
South Africa
China and Hong Kong
Czech Republic
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Once upon a time I traveled much the same way as you always have been. I am not able to travel anymore, though it pains me greatly to stay put. Congrats and best wishes on all your travels! There is nothing better in the world then seeing new places and cultures!

Although I haven't been lucky enough to travel since I was in my twenties and married, my father was an avid world traveler. He travelled for the government and then when he retired he became a geography professor and took his students to foreign countries for field trips, in addition to his numerous vacations. He kept a copy of Goode's school Atlas and marked his travels in red pencil across the maps, crisscrossed everywhere. He used to love the books of Richard Halliburton.<br />
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I have been all over Europe, to Panama, Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, and Japan and to every state in the United States except Hawaii and Alaska. My son has been to Hong Kong and India and Sri Lanka and all over Europe, and to Easter Island and the Galapagos and to Antartica and to lots of the Caribbean Islands with my father.<br />
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Bless you in your travels. Always stay safe.