My Global Search...part 1: The Beginning

I am Australian.
Alot of people generalise australians to the old  'happy go lucky' stereotype who slay sharks and box kangaroos, but i grew up in a society where expectations are everything.
Late last year i shocked and awed my friends and family by announcing that i wouldnt infact, not be going on to University but had decided to persue life experience first through a world tour, a search for...well to be honest, im not sure yet.
I dont know what inspired this, it took all of 30 seconds to decide but i threw caution into the winds ( with 3 offers from various college scholarships) and started my journey.
My strategy was to travel the world one trip at a time for 3 months & try not to spend over 5000 $(AUS) each go.
My first stop was Indonesia.

It took 4 hellish months to earn the money but i flew into Kuta, Bali and i have to say, my adventurous side seemed to desert me as soon as i set foot outside the airport. And so i learned the true value of an honest days work.
It was like a blow to all my senses at once; the airport doors swing open to an endless mass of foreign shouting as chauffers and cab drivers excitedly try to make a days pay off the arriving tourists, but all i saw was a whole lot of frightening, loud, intimidating men that reminded me of my drunk uncle at family reunions.
You see, i had the ignorant idea of someone who has been over sheltered, that people must be the same everywhere in the world and it honestly scared the **** out of me, like a massive case of culture shock, that had an impact on my stay.
I stayed in a villa near Kuta beach in this fenced off neighnourhood, yeah, forget the preppy resorts on the beach, i really wanted to live right in the culture (as much as i was afraid of it). It was beautiful and there was no shortage of feasts and get togethers, i was invited to most of them regardless of the fact that we coulnt understand each other at all, we used the language of alchohol. And so i learned to drink.
Half way through my stay, i booked a temple tour with my good friend i made, Arya. He was an agent of sorts; if you wanted something, he would make it well spent.
That day was one of the most memorable days ive ever had, we travelled into the mountains and came across some sites that reassured my belief that there must be a god..somewhere. I remember one temple most out of them all because it was the first place i had been that had truly startled me.
We arrived from the bottom of an opening in a huge valley, surrounded my deep greenish mountains that disappeared up into the clouds like something out of Avatar, and stopped by a lake.
The water was so still it looked sacred and i didnt want to touch it, it took me a full 5 minutes to realise that about 30 feet to my left was an enormous, mossy temple. Now, i thought, thats pretty impressive, until Ayra pointed out that it was floating on the lake. A temple contructed in 1100AD tethered to that same spot, floating there for 900 years. First of all,, but it was like i was there in this valley with this massive floating temple and everything else outside was back on Earth. As you probably guessed, it had a profound effect on me spiritually but i think that if a place is startling enough, it effects everyone in that way.
And after that day, everything about Indonesia seemed less scary, I went surfin in Uluwatu & braved the big stone steps cut into the side of the cliff allowing access to the surf below. I watched the Ogo, Ogo festival from a a very accomodating shop owners rooftop. AND i even had time to pluck the courage and get a tattoo. Ayra became a life long friend not to mention a minor crush & Indonesia became a coming of age chapter of my search.
Three months after my initial freakout at the scary cab drivers, i flew into Brisbane Airport. It struck me how quiet and dull it was, i was almost bored on my way home, which didnt really feel like home at all actually. It was then i realised i gotta keep going, i obviously hadnt found it yet, whatever IT was.
Where to go next? Well the answer came that night as if it was handed to me in the form of a phone call, my brother who lives in chicago wants me to come meet his newborn son for a few months. Well...U.S of A, here i come..
To be continued...

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well its a beautiful experience. I too love to travel through out the world.