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The only goal that I have always related to ever since I was a child is that I want to see the Great Pyramids in Egypt before I die. I guess I picked up on this notion from reading my grandfather's National Geographic magazines and seeing all the ancient treasures of Egypt. I have traveled the world some with the military. We were on a ship and we stopped in to resupply at several ports in the Mediterranean Sea are but, I didn't get to do much sight seeing. Instead it whetted my appetite for travel! My only problem now is funding.

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1 Response Jan 9, 2008

I have never been in the Military, but I have seen some of the wonderful world we live in. I too want to see the great Pyramids before I die...and I will. What I have learned is that travel does not have to be 'uber' expensive. The way I have learned to do it is by planning. Pick your destination..then start a vacation account, much like a Christmas club. Put in a fixed amount every pay period...and in a year your trip is paid works wonders for me<br />
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The BEST of luck on your travel.... I'll see you in Giza!