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Where Shall I Go First?

I have always wanted to travel to each State since I was a little girl. I was intrigued by our class maps and little wooden puzzles you play with while learning the States and Capitals. As I really learned more about places like Ireland ,India,Russia, Zimbabwe, Spain,Germany Egypt etc, my mind and heart just filled up with excitement. The cultures, the beauty of other places is just takes my breath away. No matter how rich or poor some places may be, the beauty of life, and past history survives. Maybe one day I will at least be able to begin my journey, even If I can not finish it.
realityvsdream realityvsdream 36-40, F 9 Responses Feb 5, 2012

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My advice is, when you start, go for city areas or cities in the developed world. Get a bit more used to it and it's generally cheaper too. If you can afford to, after a bit more experience, I recommend spending time in Ecuador, fly to Quito, take the night bus and stay in some cheaper places (I did this, it was quite safe!) and you can see a lot of Ecuador that way. Going to the Andes and the Galapagos are the big attractions but are so expensive, but the coast is good and easy to get to from Quito and a train or night bus, and if you take the train, you can get to the Amazon! If you are in the USA, after exploring some states, I'd say take it easy and go to Canada, Ottawa, Toronto and the coast are great.

City wise, London (my city) is just amazing, there are just so many places, touristy and non touristy, which are amazing to visit. Paris is good too. Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, and the area around Pompeii/Vesuvius is great. Also, Edinburgh is an AMAZING city, in Scotland.

So you want to travel? I would reccomend either London, England or Paris, France. I've heard many good things about it from my grandparents when they visted. Also Italy. It's so cool to go to a different continent because of all the different cultures. Even if you don't speak their language or eat their food. It's always good to try new things!

Thank you :) One day I hope to go there, and your right about trying new things!

If you haven't traveled though start easy - like - instead of Germany, try New Braunfels, TX - or Lancaster, PA - to get a feel for it. Before you try France, try Quebec...personally, I prefer Montreal to Paris, anyway.

Thank you for the advice :)

What's stopping you from travelling? Money - or lack thereof? Or fear?<br />
If you have kids, that should not be a show stopper. My parents, when my brother and I were little - would often load us into the car on a Friday night, and we would just take off. sometimes they would take one of those little toy spinners from a board game and decide our direction of travel by where the pointer went.<br />
<br />
We'd drive until they were tired, and find something interesting when we woke up. I explored many an old courthouse, or factory, or Revolutionary or Civil War battlefield that hardly anyone of my friends had ever heard of.<br />
<br />
Nowadays, I like Amtrak for just cruising the country and seeing interesting places. I'm an old, ugly guy, and probably look too mean and ugly and broke to be worth messing with - which is probably why I can go where I do with no problem...and, I maintain situation awareness, so I son't wander into dangerous places.<br />
<br />
I'd love to go back to the places I saw in the Military - at least the ones that are not still at war - Serbia and Croatia must be beautiful now, Rwanda looks nice, Morocco has a stark beauty. Korea was fun, I was born in Japan, I'd love to go back, I'll skip Panama and most of Central America, thank you.<br />
<br />
if Afghanistan is ever safe again, I'd like to go there, but I doubt if that will happen in my lifetime. Iran is beautiful, but it will not be safe for an American to visit there, not in my lifetime...and the reason for THAT, is by no means entirely the fault of the Iranians. Two sides that story, and most Americans only hear a slanted and biased side of it..<br />
<br />
I'd love to take a cruise - .a long cruise, on something that isn't haze grey, where I'm not expected to swab decks or chip paint...the ocean is beautiful at sunrise in the far reaches of the Pacific, when everyone else is asleep and there is only the beat of the engines and the slap of the water along the hull.<br />
<br />
I once swam over the Mariana Trench...the Captain halted the ship, lowered the well deck, and sounded "swimming call" so anyone that wanted to, could say they had done it. Odd feeling, to think that, get past your feet, and it is SEVEN FREAKING MILES to the bottom, you know?<br />
<br />
Not going to get that on a cruise liner, I bet.

Lack of money is really the main reason. Yes, I have kids and would definitely take them with me so they could experience it as well.

That sounds really wonderful and a great idea about using a spinner from a board game! I could just imagine the places you went, must be really wonderful :) I would also love a cruise as well.

Never say your old and ugly!! You have experienced wonderful trips and memories!!! Thank you :)

As I said, we roughed it - I mean, really roughed it - and, well, I guess my brother and I just thought it was normal. I'm talking, "Rough it" as in, stop at a campground at 11 PM, throw down a tarp and a bedroll, and wake up to the hiss of the Coleman stove in the morning, as the sun came up and the birds chirped. Cripes - "Luxury" was when we stopped at a roach motel. I still see a Motel 6 or Microtel as incredible luxury.
Even today - I will take my minivan, leave the seats in the garage, and throw my sleeping bag on the floor. Forget a motel, campgrounds are fine for me...and I take my mountain bike to the Adirondacks, maybe my 56 year old legs don't make the miles they used to, but I get there. I go to NYC by train at Christmas, but stay in NJ, and take the PATH train into the City. Hotels in Manhattan start at $200 a night and up - a decent place in Secaucus or Trenton is more like $800 - and a ticket to Manhattan is $20. I save $100 a day that way - and for a family, you'd save more. And - Rockefeller Center at Christmas? - looks good on TV - but it has to be experienced to be believed. Washington DC - train is the only way to go. Same thing for Philly. Now, I'd don't know about the West coast - but I was impressed by my one trip on Caltrans.

You right, roughing it can be an experience for us as well. I don't think my daughter would agree. I would love to see Rockefeller Center at Christmas, one day I hope :) Caltrans, tell me about it if u want.

I rode Caltrans from Sacramento to Merced - took about three hours - about the same as driving it...but I caught a shuttle bus at the airport, took about five minutes to get to the train station in downtown sacramento - an old WPA-era building with neat murals and restored filigree...a two hour wait - but in sacramento Old town, once I checked my bags, that was almost too short a time - it is a touristy area, with neat shops and sights on the riverfront....caught the train - a double-deck Vistacruiser with a great view, electric plugs and wi-fi - so I set up my lap top and could take my choice of cruising the web, playing computer games, reading, or just enjoying the scenery. The food car on the train is over-priced, but I grabbed some take-out at a little cafe I know in Sacramento Old Town ...and got into Merced just as my friend was getting out of work...instead of having her drive three hours up to Sacramento to get me.
I will caution you it is -sometimes- tough to travel with kids. On the other the "i should have realized" - my experience is that, it is tougher to travel with a wife. (grin) My son and I have gotten good at the "travel light - hop a train - sleep overnight-sightsee all day -sleep overnight on the train to the next place" - and he has taught it to his kids...on the other hand, I've been married twice, divorced twice, he is divorced, all three of those women packed more luggage than any three of us combined...I used to comment, my ex-wife packed more for a weekend trip to the beach than I packed for a 180 day deployment to a combat zone - including my body armor and chem suits.

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You should travel to remote or semi-remote places like Peru or Madgascar (I don't know if spelt it right), but you should start with something on a lower scale, like ur example of traveling every state (don't skip out on new York, California , and Hawaii) ;)

Thank you for the advice :)

The journey to your soul o.O? lol <_< well how about hmm something ancient? they have good stories x.x hope that makes sense ignore the first thingy i said lol >_

Why ignore what you first said? It sounded nice! I love history! Thank you.

nu uh &lt;_&lt; sounded like a weirdo &gt;_&lt; lol

Girl, I want to travel too! There's nothing like visiting a new country and getting into the culture and life of the locals. It's one way to make our world more open and a good way to break stereotypes. I love it! :) I'm going to miss your stories if you do leave. Hugs :)

Thank you softmallowgum :)

Best of luck:-)

Thank you Heeya :)

I understand what you mean about the different countries. I hope you get to go on your journey :)

I hope so too :)

Thanks for commenting Handsome :) I hope you do get go travel one day.