Hurghada Egypt

Hi Everyone *waves*

Fellow traveller's am here to seek some advice, have any of you in your footsteps around the world made your way to Hurghada in Egypt. My friend and i are planning to make our way there in June. Now the advice am seeking is what kind a place is it? i know its a resort area for diving and snorking and its near the Red sea and it normally attracts large groups of Russians. Its also near Sharm-Al Sheik which we are skipping since we are trying to avoid big touristy areas. Anyone know any good hotels that actually have good customer service (i'll pray for this one) and edible food, free wifi (that actually works!!!! in the rooms), beds that bug free. Also what is there to do in Hurghada??

And if you are in Luxor, can you take a train or a boat form Luxor to Hurghada and how long does it take and roughly how much will they charge you?

Thank you to anyone who is kind enough to repy to my queries
tuilifa tuilifa
May 12, 2012