I Am So Lucky To Have Traveled A Lot Of Places!

I've experienced many different places. Canada, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, England, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy and Monaco. As for the the US... been to every state including Alaska and Hawaii but not Oregon and Washington. In August I'm flying to the northwest just so I can say I've been in every state. (That was on my bucket list).

People ask if I was in the military?  no, my father worked for Coke has an industrial engineer, he traveled and I got to tag along. That's how I got to the western hemisphere. Europe?  that was me.. traveling just because I could. My wife and I would like to go again within the next few years. It would help if I was employed right now but we're going... she wants to see Greece. I'd like to see the Alps.
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Oooh, I love your list! I'd have to think about mine for a while, it's pretty long too. I feel like well-traveled people are among the most open to other kinds of people, as they experience varied cultures.

It's taken me a few years to get my list this long. But we've got a plan because I just renewed my passport.

So did I! It just came in the mail yesterday, getting ready for another trip to Spain in a few weeks. Woo hoo!!

Spain is on my short list... but first I'm going to Vancouver in a month. I got free tickets so we're going!

This will be my third trip there, it's has to be my favorite place! This trip is free for me as well, since I'll be doing a little business thingy. I've been to Vancouver once, but sailing, so I didn't see much of the land and would love to soon. Add my friend Fortuitousness, that's where he lives :)

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Not sure why but I'm not really interested in going to Africa. However, I would like to see some parts of south America.

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