8% There?

The Facebook 'cities I've visited' app has combined the number of countries I've lived in/visited along with cities and places and has concluded that so far I've traveled about 8% of the world. Even though facebook apps provide the most reliable detail next to Wikipedia I still felt quite pleased with the result. I've traveled a lot since I was a child, mainly in Europe and parts of Africa, Sweden was one of my favorite places to live and the beaches of Mauritius are quite hard to beat. I've developed a lust for voyage and hope to visit the remaining continents, yes even Antarctica with its fast paced life style. I think at nineteen 8% of the world isn't that bad, which means that at this rate i'll only have to live to the subtle age of....238 in order to visit every country.
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What is it about Sweden you liked?
I live in Sweden but I'm not really sure what's so likeable about it.

Hahahahah. I lived in Sweden too and yes it is amazing :) 238, may be a bit hard to accomplish though lol.

hope that you could pm