The Globe Trotter

I'd love to travel all over the world, even though I know the odds are against it. Just hop into a wheelchair accessible van and travel all over the place. Name any one of them, I'd want to see as many as possible. Maybe it's the strength of my desire that makes me want to see so many places and the knowing that I never will. Still, it's nice to dream. I'd photograph the experience, so as not to forget a blessed minute.

I'm in a nursing home now and I don't own a van, so it's unlikely I'll be doing any exploring except on-line. But it's still nice to dream.
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I met a guy recently, named Bruno. He is paralysed from the waist down. Bruno is wheelchair bound - in body only. Bruno lives on a catamaran, sails everywhere and even walks on the beach with his wheelchair. You can do anything you wish - only your will determines what the boundaries are. Hang in there and if you would rather do by dreaming - thats ok too. Dream it an experience it through someone elses eyes.

I love it

I came across this story last night after having to file BK at 30 years old. I feel like I have no choice but to start a new. I've loved and practiced photography nearly my whole life. I promise that I wrote this note right before I read your story. "I am going to become a photojournalist or die trying" I am in awe of your ambitious story and your willingness to dream! It has giving me so much hope and when I set out to reach my goals which is today I will always remember this story... Thank you so much... Also, there is a great crowd donation website called Its dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams by making a profile and getting people to donate. NO MATTER what the haters say, I've personelly seen this site be successful on a number of occasions. I would love to help you out if you wish to set a profile up because after all, I feel its owed after the inspiration you have instilled in me. email me: check my profile because I believe they wont let me post my email address. This is not Spam....... its me, Ryan

Your comment touched me deeply.

Peace, hamster1971

Good for you! I think travel is mind expanding (and fun). I love to watch documentaries and read books about other places. Lately I've been reading about game preserves in Africa. I think they call it being an "armchair traveler". Hold onto your dreams. You never know what may be around the next corner!

I grew up studying several languages, wanting to put them to good use. I think that's what inspired the dream. I've also been an armchair traveller all my life. I am very bright and gifted, so it is very frustrating being where I am now.

hey! i have the dream. i will accomplish it! i will travel around the world learning several languages! i am 15 in a wheelchair. maybe instead of living there for the rest of your life you should, have someone to travel around the world with you so he/she is like your caretaker. i will think.of you when i do it.

I asked to go on a school trip to Washington D.C. almost 30 years ago. My father had a fit trying to organize what I needed but I'm not sorry I went, because it was months before an operation gone bad. I had to pedal 15 kilometres a day in 45 minutes to raise money for the trip. It was when they were just beginning to integrate disabled children into normal classrooms. I make no apologies.
I've worsened since then and I'm on at least one painkilling drug. I know of at least one person who has made the trip, but to raise funds for research. It would be a nightmare to organize the trip but perhaps not impossible.

not impossible! lucky fo me, i have complete control over upper body and can take care of myself.and operation gone bad? before or after wheelchair?

I've been in the wheelchair all my life. The operation in question was one of nine surgical interventions as a result of the handicap. I have control over upper body, but no upper body strength and a floppy, jointless hip. The trip would not be impossible, but it would be a nightmare to pull off. I want to wait until I am in a better position before doing anything regarding a trip. At the very least I need physio to strengthen my arms.

And yes, Dad made me pedal that miserable bike for all 15 km and timed me too even though I couldn't walk without braces. And I could only walk with a walker to the next door neighbours fence and back. In his defence, my physiotherapists were having me ride a trike up and down the hall, but only for recess and no one was timing me.

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You are only limited by yourself. If you have the desire and will just go for it if you are able or have help.

It IS nice to dream :) Good luck. I hope you get to do that one da! I have the same dream as you and I'm working towards it. Hopefully I'll be able to make it happen soon.