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I Me Myself

Hey guys this is just a small description about me. Before adding me, you must read this. This might help you know me a little. Well I can't say much about myself. Ask my friends 'cause they know me better than I do. I consider myself a hardworking, sincere and matured young man. I feel that I can express myself both verbally and in writing. I am confident that I can make others agree with my view points by giving them good reasons in its support. Once I have decided on my aim, I do not give up till the success is achieved. I look to the challenges as the opportunities to show one’s abilities. I know there is nothing impossible provided one is prepared to work for it and only it may take little longer. I can make friends easily because of my helpful attitude and cheerfulness. I feel that I have got good physical and mental stamina. I am aware of my responsibilities and work hard to fulfil them. My aim is to serve the nation as an Officer. As I like travelling around the world, meet new people, make friends with them, I can socially adapt my self quite easily. I'm doing my graduation for Merchant Navy. I'm here on EP to meet new people, make friends with them and know their culture. If you willing to be a part of my life then don't  think much. I'm sure I won't disappoint you.
“Success depends on perfect blending of right vision, knowledge and right conduct.”

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I like the quote.

“Success depends on perfect blending of right vision, knowledge and right conduct.” I like this quote. :)

You have an optimistic attitude. I wish you the best!