Screw This. I'm Going!

I've thrown caution to the wind.

I've withered my life away in a low-prestige, dead-end job for the last decade & a half because the pay, flexibility and hours allowed me to be the dedicated mom and community volunteer I wanted to be.  But I've traded in the minivan, renewed my passport & I'm READY!

SO.  There are still bills to pay, and there's ALWAYS something that needs repairing 'round the house -- but I'm done (at least temporarily) with self-sacrifice.   I get six weeks of vacation each year.  This year, I began my adventuring:
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • London
  • Portugal, and
  • The Azure Islands
  • The Bahamas

NEXT year, I'll do:

  • Philadelphia
  • New York
  • Las Vegas
  • Dubai & the UAE
  • Barcelona
  • Jamaica

and in so far, in 2014,

  • Paris

They say life begins at 40.  I'm a few years late, but... Let it begin,  LET IT BEGIN!!!  :-D

Colormevibrant Colormevibrant
46-50, F
2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

I recommend South America: vast, diverse, wild (nature), dangerous (in a good way!), and exhilarating. And Southeast Asia: exotic, sooo different and varied, warm and friendly, highly populated, frugal, and certainly eye opening to the human condition. Enjoy and pass on the joy of wanderlust!

Hmmm... South America, huh? I'm beginning to warm to that idea. While in Vegas, a few of us "girls" were batting around the idea of Rio...

Easy to get locked into a way of life. Routine gets us through. Glad you are going to see that great big world out there. Have had some trips overseas. Planning where to go, things to see, where to stay, reservations, and learning some language. The actual trip, learning how transportation works, local money, getting food, and seeing all the things. Back home, thinking about the trip for ever. And a changed world view. Priceless.

You look around and another year's gone by & you haven't done half the stuff you'd always thought you would. If we can't live to 250, I'll just have to reprioritize! "Learning some language" -- we Americans lag so far behind the world in this area! While I can no longer hope for fluency in some foreign tongue, I agree -- learning even a few words, tasting one flavor I've never sampled, seeing one sight I've never imagined .... Priceless.

Time does have a way of slipping by. Think to prioritize is key. As resources are finite, we try to look at what makes us happy. And traveling is one. By language, like you said, some words and phrases, enough to reserve a room in poland, order food, buy tickets, thank a mother for a cake at going away party and say its beautiful, etc. What you can learn with 1/2 to 1 hour a day for three months. My wife is good in french and german, and I do spanish. Have also learned some Polish, Greek, and Danish. We started with a large list of places to travel, and quickly prioritized to what was most important. I've been to where my great grandfather was from in Denmark. Where my wife's great grandparents were from in Pomerania (now NW Poland). Happy trails.