I'm A Travel Junkie

Why do I want to travel around the world? The short answer is I love to travel. Going deeper into it, I think travel is more of an escape for me. I have always had a strong desire to go somewhere new and resettle. But I am still living in the same city that I was born in. And for nearly that entire time I have been dreaming of someplace new, exotic, and a hell of a lot warmer and drier! I have often heard people comment on how they enjoy their vacations, but are glad to get home. When I am vacationing some place exotic, I never want to return. I would be perfectly happy living there with anyone and everyone. As I approach my birthday in a few days time, I am reminded that life is too short to spend the remainder of my life just dreaming and wishing. It’s time to shake things up and do something profound. To see what is on the other side of the horizon and to just keep going. To wander. Is this irresponsible? Only time will tell.
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Sep 20, 2012