Everything about this world amazes me still even though I'm an adult but I've never traveled West of Arkansas or even outside of the country. I have a board with a long list of pictures of places I would like to go someday. I only hope that I get to experience and enjoy this world while I'm still here.
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I was in the U.S. Navy overseas so, if you want to know about any places in the far east just ask and we can talk about it if you want.

It's never to late to start crossing those places off. You just have to start planning.

Depends were you live... I have travelled to various countries, but I've never travelled west of Arkansas either!

I think perhaps you oughta put the last 3 years into your experience box and get on a plane...come to Oz and learn what life is all about....

West of Arkansas eh? Boy, do you have a lot to see.....

You know...the best way is to look at airline sales, and pick a cheap destination...and then just discover when you're there. The world is full of suprises andf very different cultures, languages, and communities, some very friendly, some a lot less...Not even mentioning natural beauty, different animals, different plants...