My Wife Already Tipped the Cabin Steward

This story enough begins at the end of cruise as opposed to the beginning. As a Shore Excursion Manager on board a cruise ship in Alaska, the daily log of passenger incidents reported to the pursers desk is one of the items I review on a daily basis.

This particular day was our debarkation day (the day the passengers get off the ship and head for home) in Vancouver. I was going over the log from the night before and this incident caught my attention.

Apparently one of our guests wanted the weekly gratuity he had given to his cabin steward back. His wanting the tips back was not what was funny, it was the reason why he wanted tips back.

According to the passenger, he had found out after tipping the steward that his wife had been having "relations" with the cabin steward all cruise. Now one would assume that the passenger was mad, upset etc.. with his wife and the cabin steward, but he was not. He did not care that his wife had had "relations" with the steward, he just thought that he should not have to tip the guy as his wife had been "tipping" him all week.

So once again, life is stranger than fiction.

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Depending on the quality of the wife, maybe the husband should have increased the tip after learning the details of the affair.

i have been working in cruise ship as well and such relations are so common and funny

oh oh

oh oh

LOL, thats too funny.

The guy was not angry? Perhaps he was fooling around himself. In any event, the reason for his reimbursment is rediculous! How do you prove such a thing? "Hey, uh Steward dude, have you been side piping w/ the wife? Well, I think you should pay me!"

oh my god thats so funny. lol, some people are strange.

Too funny. lol Hey by the way did ya'll give the guy his money back? LOL

LMAO!!! Great story!! :)

Maybe the steward thought he was getting paid to take the wife off the husband's hands! hehehe

he must be from a different culture. Some cultures are like that.<br />
<br />
But culture or no, I'd give him his tips back. I'd be happy he didn't want the steward's head on a platter.

real sad story folks!<br />
whats goin on in this guy, or how mad is he?!

Good story. i think i want a more detailed version now. tis a laugh and a half anyway.

That was the best laugh I have had all year. Thanx, cuz I really needed some laughter. :)

Holy ****. Also LOL at the previous comment. haha.