I Really Want To Travel The World

I haven't traveled the world but I have traveled to a few places. One of those places was Reno, Nevada. I went to the casino's for sure. I saw the shows. I didn't need to gamble. But my favorite place I visited was not what nevada cities are known for. I went for Pyramid Lake. I still day dream about the place. Sage brush really did scrape across the road on our way there. I climbed the rock. I saw the weeping woman who had cried the lake of tears. I saw the moon out on the hot, sunny day. The land was so rich with history and it's stories.
I have seen Mt. St. Helens, and Crater Lake in Oregon, one of the deepest lakes in the world. I have hiked mountains and seen 100 ft. waterfalls flowing off the edge of foresty cliffs. I have walked among ferns and pines so tall I couldn't see the tips. I have seen the play of sun and shadow through tree's and the salmon run across the Umpqua.
I witnessed fourth of July fire works in one of California's largest cities. I have seen the sun set with its golden color blanketing the earth with dark clouds in the sky. I am from Oregon, and have been to the surrounding states, however I am not content with only seeing what I have so far.
I want to see the sunsets from all over the world. I would like, more than anything, to mingle with the people, learning their language and their ways of life. Maybe I am saying this because I am ignorant of the challenges of travel, but I hope if given the oppotunity to travel the world someday, I will be willing to take on the challenges and see the world for myself and come home with stories too crazy to believe.
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You have already seen some wonderful sites and I can feel the appreciation you have for the places you have travelled to.
You are young and there is plenty of time for you to live your dream.Good Luck !

Great goal. My wife and I have done some traveling. Our first trip over seas was with a group. And it was a good way to get started. You can get to see a lot, but don't have much chance to mingle with the people. Our second trip was to Poland, and we went as volunteers to teach english to jr. high and high school age kids. We learned some polish before we went. Got to know the kids some as we had three weeks of teaching them. Felt when we were done that we knew some of what life was like there, and how the people were. We have also had a trip to Crete where we taught english to jr. high kids. Learned some greek, and had some interactions with locals. Don't give up on the ideas of how you want to travel. We also live in Oregon, and this is such a beautiful place to be. Nice to travel, but also nice to come back here.

Wow. Thankyou. Oregon is beautiful. That's great you have volunteered overseas. What a great way to get to know the people and deepen ones life experience. Thanks for encouraging me.

The group we volunteered with was Global Volunteers. Think they do a good job. Through my job, we hosted a girl from Germany who was working on a doctorate. We provided home stay. When she was getting ready to go home invited us to come and stay with them if we got to Germany. On a trip to Germany and Italy, we did stay for a week with her family. It was a great way to get to know them. My wife also does a good job of speaking German, so language was not a problem. Back when I had kids in high school, we hosted exchange students, and most invited us to come and visit them. I do believe that traveling and getting to know people in foreign countries certainly changes how one views the world.