Russia And Japan

I wish I could some day visit these three countries, I am really interested in them, specially Russia and Japan.
I like the Russian language, its writing; I love the monuments in the Red Square, and I would like to visit Lenin's Tomb; I would like to visit Siberia to experience its amazing cold; I am also interested in visiting Tunguska, a place where many believe a meteor crashed in the beginnings of the 20th century; and, finally, I would like to see the amazing landscapes of Kamchatka, its volcanoes and rivers.
I've always liked Japan, I don't know why. I like its landscapes and also the food, the culture and the people. I would like to visit Mount Fuji, Tokyo, the Haneda and Kobe airports, Nagasaki, Tanegashima and the Kameari neighbourhood in Tokyo, to see the statue of the anime character Kankichi Ryotsu.
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Wow Japan and Russia are wonderful countries If you visit Russia please visit Mongolia too This country is has a wonderful culture and very near from Russia also nowadays language is similar to Russia SO PLZ VISIT

I also like Mongolia and its landscapes, so thank you for the advice!

It's ok Good luck ^^

I have a way you can do your traveling that would be less expensive to you if you are interested.

Sorry, I am not interested.