Everyone Would Like To No?

I think its the dream of almost everyone to travel the world!
Just for fun i am making a list of the places i dream to go!
I would like to go to:

Cuba :
again and again because its the old land of atlantis you know? The bermuda triangle
And its the land of music from the heart

Egypt :
only once to see the sphinx and the temple of Luxor

i would like to see the giant Baobabs and see the diverse lifeforms of this island

i would like to see the many landscapes and climates of this island and to see fierce merino sheeps!

Australia :
I would like to dive at the great barrier reef

I would like to see the ancient ruins there.

Peru: i would like to see machu-pichu

Costa-rica: i would like to walk in the deep jungle. And swimm in waterfalls and ponds.

I think that is enuf for now... If i am able to go to all thoses places in my life i am the most lucky!
Sealotus Sealotus
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1 Response Jan 1, 2013

I am travel addict! I have been to a few in your list above. Egypt, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Australia, NZ... may I recommend these others: Cambodia (Angkor), Brasil (Amazon, Iguasu), Riviera Maya Mexico, China Xian, ah it is hard to pick - such a big world and so little time and money!

Thank you