Like many people, I want the chance to travel the world! At least once in my life time I want to travel somewhere far and new, to explore an have an awesome time. I guess it could be a dream, but who knows. I just want to explore. Find new things. Learn new things. I like freedom!
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I would love to invite you to India, my home country....

India looks fun! I like trying out different cultures and foods. I remember a tea from India, and it was one of the best I have ever tasted! Ahhh travel....

well our culture, food, moral values are good... you will love our sea food! bit spicy but awesome...! and many historic places will make your trip enjoyable

Spicy food is the best! Yea there are a lot of nice places to go, and someday I plan to go to Mumbai or Kodaikanal.

wow, you know about india! what about Agra ( for tajmehel-seventh wonder of world, built 4 centuries ago!) and many temples of 19th century?!

in my place there is a basadi ( jain temple) its called as savira kmbada basadi(means basadi of 1000 pillars) which is built by stones no cement used and a coolest place with 1000 pillars

1000 pillars? That sounds interesting to see :o Ah Agra is definitely on my list to travel too

i am sure that you will love india...

Im sure I will

Then lets go!

hahaha for sure, when i get enough money xD

well how i would come to know that you have enough money?!!!



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May your dreams come true, Allie. I feel the same way about it. Now, traditionally the times in a woman's life when it is possible to do this is before we have our children and after the children leave the house. So, in a kind of way, we are both poised on the threshold of wider horizons! Hooray for us!

Hahah yea, but children aren't involved in my future, well at least i don't think so. But thanks for the comment i agree :)