The World!

I really want to travel, I've always wanted to travel.
My goal is to try to stay in every state for at least a week, and by doing that Ive done been to Florida, New York(Where I'm originally From), WestVirginia(Where I am now), Maryland, and Virginia, and Pennsylvannia. I know that every Continent, every country is different. There's barely no similarities. The accents, Dialects, races, I want to make a friend of every race from a different country. Sweden, Lithuania, Rome, Europe would probably be one of the most exciting to me, Europe and Asia.
I want to see the LeaningTowerOfPisa, the Eiffel Tower. Imagine how much fun that would be, and whilst your there try to make a particular friend from there that could show you around. Just IMAGINE THE EXCITEMENT. I've always dreamt about Scotland, even though I can barely understand them . I've met several online, some are rude and intolerable, but others are truley hilarious, and their accents are to die for :p Most girls would be all over the English accents. Noppppeee, all about them Scottish ones. I've always wanted to go to Hollywood though, and see the famouuusssss Star Sidewalk.
Chili also seems like a fun place to check out, so does Hawaii, that state and their BlackSandd. Alaska would be scary, getting 20 Earthquakes a day, Idc if they are 1-2 on the scale. Haha. Any other places that would be fun to see? Rock Climbing? Swimming? Anywheree, I always thought somewhere that has good scenory like NewZealand would be fabulous.!
ArtsyJayde ArtsyJayde
13-15, F
Jan 21, 2013