Always Wanted to

I've always wanted to travel the world. I want to cover all the states first before i start going to different countries. I always like to go out of town before I die I want to be able to say I've been everywhere I wanted to go. I just think it would be an awesome experience.
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3 Responses Jul 5, 2007

I wanted to do the same thing. So 9 months ago I finally quit my job and got a one-way ticket to Africa.<br />
175 days later, I had weaved through 2 continents, 14 different countries, trekked through desert, walked through bush and met some amazing people.<br />
<br />
Here are my stories from that experience:

I saw an ad in craigslist by an exec looking for a travel mate around the US and foreign countries. He was seeking a personal assistant for office and travel and paid $1,000 weekly.<br />
<br />
I was wondering how many responses he received.

this is a great goal. i feel the same way. hopefully we'll both make it happen!