All my life I've been blessed enough to have had experience with different cultures. My mom is third generation South African, so I've been going there every couple years for almost my whole life. I was born to parents who have seen so many different parts of the world and have experienced so much culture and have lived lives outside of the United States. I think it was this little taste of something different that has made me SO anxious to get out of this country and to explore the rest of my world.

It's a really intense feeling, almost like there's a part of me that feels it doesn't belong in this country. From being overseas in South Africa and from living in England for a small part of my life, I feel like I have a somewhat good idea of how American culture really differs from others. We Americans just move way too fast, and we're so tied up in our own selves that we don't take as much time for family and friends as other people of the world do.

I'm going to study abroad next year in Spain, and I don't think I've ever been more excited for anything my entire life. I feel like by not traveling I'll be wasting my time here on Earth, I want to take full advantage of my home planet!

I know it sounds kinda cheesey and just to set the record straight, I am NOT an anti-American. America's my home and it's given me many opportunities I probably could not have had in other places and some of the best friends I have ever and probably will ever have. I'm just a restless spirit I guess. 

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It's great that you are going to Spain for studies next year and do nurture a desire to travel the world, but have you come up with a probable list of places to visit in Spain? If yes, please share with others and cite the reasons. Spain is a beautiful country.

Make sure you visit AUSTRALIA!