I can't exactly afford to go abroad from my country, but just last week I went to Leeds, Halifax and Bristol :)
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I'd really like to go to Venice

Starting small is how it began for me. Years later began to meet people in other places and countries and eventually started traveling abroad. Just give it time.

Are u in the UK ? France is practically abroad and so is spain and just about anywhere Ryanair flies

I do live in the UK but I can't afford to go to France or Spain and I hate flying Dx

I'm sorry I forgot to mention dublin Ireland don't go to Belfast isn't the United Kingdom
4 constituent countries England Scotland wales and Northern Ireland + the Republic of Ireland

I was in london last may I then went to Paris I took the Chunnel train u can go just about anywhere in Europe via the Eurostar and euraul
I love staying in hostels look at www.venere.com


I love Bristol. So pretty right by the ocean. And great historic mansions close by.

Lucky! Be thankful that at least you went somewhere. That's better than going nowhere