I have been saving money for the last two years so that next summer when I am 19 I can travel through Europe. It was a goal I set for myself when I was younger and have put money aside for it whenever I could for years now. I hope to see England, France and Italy and write about my experiences. It seems like every adult I talk to all tell me that I should do this while I am younger before I get tied down with a career and family.

Until next summer I will continue watching my travel shows, reading my travel guides and studying my phrase books. Can't wait.
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Awesome! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time.

Good for you. You will never regret doing it. From age 23 to about age 28 I spent most of that time in Europe. At the end of winter in early 1982 I went south.........way south to Perth in Western Australia. I stopped off in Mombasa, Kenya for a few days on my way back. I would not trade those days in my life for anything. I want still to believe that I will get back to Italy, and maybe I will. But I am happy for my adventures as a younger man. Enjoy and cherish you trip. I promise you will love it.

You're quite welcome. I actually envy you a great deal, but that is most likely a function of my age..... Hard now to escape. My kids are grown. I have grandkids. But work, family, sometimes feels like 15 things pulling me in 15 different directions. Makes me long for my carefree days back in my 20's. Yeah, you're making the right decision. Good luck to you...

Visit Spain for sure if you can, it is rich in history and culture.

Nice! I was fortunate to visit Barcelona and Palma, the former is great for sight seeing and such and the latter is somewhat of a tourist spot, but it is a VERY fun beach town

great Idea! Do things when you are young.

you can join: www.wayn.com (where are you now). it's a travel network website where you can ask other travelers questions.

Good for you and huge kudos that you've been saving for this trip on your own. I 100percent agree with if you want to visit these tourist areas, do it now before you have responsibilities. I also 100 percent agree with you saying you want to write about your tourist experiences. I don't think there is anything wrong with any of it.

My younger brother however wanted to travel off the beaten path. He wanted to see real countries, sadly of course because in his mind America is awful. For three years, age 17 to 20 he traveled countries with a backpack staying in hostels. Off the beaten path. Some of the stories would break your heart, they did mine. He had a greater appreciation for true suffering of others, but sadly despite all he heard and saw, and even despite all he heard about thank you America, he doesn't have a greater appreciation for his country.

But that's my sadness, I don't in anyway mean it to be yours. You go enjoy yourself, live life and have fun.

I've been to Canada more than once, it's beautiful. And on the world stage yes you should be proud. I'm proud of you. You're a great example for all youth. I wish you well, fun, and safety. All goodness that life has to offer I wish for you.

Will you be my brother? You are such a huge example of what youth used to be and should. I don't even know you, but I love you!

That's awesome! Good luck (: