I love a girl and she loves me too,,,but the problem is that she lives in panama(a spanish country) and i live in UAE ,too far from me, we never met with eachothers but i want to spend my rest of life with her,, but its too difficult for me to start a new life in another country,, i have fear that what if i didnt get a job in panama(language problem)...should i travel their or not?
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have you ever ask her if she can't relocate to your country instead ? talk to her if hwere do you think the life much easy for the both of you like in job opportunity, money value something like that then you need both to decide not only one, becuse rest of life is what you are talking about .. good luck

Go! Go now :-)

Now??? Hahaha

I live in the US and my love lives in UAE. Distance does not stop two hearts from loving. A language can be learned, a plane ticket can be bought. But love worth having only comes once.

Take a risk! Trust me you do not want a What if? In your life..I would go visit first before moving there permanently.

Yeah but the main problem is spanish language i even dont know the one word in spanish ,,, how can i survive,,,, she is working and ahe said she will help me in all things but i dont want to waste her money for me