I have this amazing opportunity to go to Europe and live with a family to learn about their culture and stuff like that, next summer for about 2-3 weeks. I wish I could go but I don't think I'll be able to because my family can't afford it. :
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All of the above, and try to find a part time job, it'll be of help.

don't give up! Research online for ways to mitigate the cost!!! There might be an organization that can help you!

A lot of my friends had fundraisers and they were actually pretty successful in raising money for their exchange student opportunities. Also, places like indigogo, gofundme and kickstarter helped a lot; people actually donated money. They posted some really compelling stories about why they needed it and about the program.

Thank you!!

Yeah no problem. I'm lucky to have lived in a lot of places but I also know people who have never even left their state so chances like this to be in a whole other world don't really come up that often. If it does, take it. Def worth the work.