When I turn 18, I'm gonna buy an Around The World ticket. I'm gonna travel to all kinds of exotic and fascinating countries and get weird and different food. I can't wait! ^^
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take me with you .... hi :)

Hahah sure come along! :)

but when we leaving ? :)

Whenever you want! ;)

that would be when i become 18 as well :/

Hahah that's good right? Then we can plan well ^^

we sure can... so where you from?

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pray you reach your goal

Hope you rich.

you do not need to be rich to travel thru Europe. a lot of people hike, catch rides, and stay at registered homes for free.

Beware of plane crashes and rapes, robberies.

Sure sure xD

research online! There is a way you can fly to Europe and can stay at people's homes for FREE and travel from place to place. Some people will get a temporary job (as a waiter/waitress or whatever) to earn enough money to get to the next location. You can spend 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc traveling thru Europe this way! Good luck and have fun!

That sounds really interesting! Thank you for the advice I'll definitely look more into it! :)

yes, in CAN be done! Those European Families register with a website (can't think of the name of it) and you can make arrangements to spend a week or two with them as you move across Europe.

I'll reseach some more because that sounds incredible and so much fun!
Thank you very much!

Look up couchsurfing

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same here :)

Wow can I come? XD I wish I knew more people like you who aren't afraid of their dreams :D

Hahah sure you can! ^^

I always say that you should do whatever you want. Screw everyone else who doesn't think you can, you decide what you want to do and if you want to do something, do it! Life is too short for sitting home alone all day. Go out and enjoy life while you can! Trust me, you'll appreciate it when you turn 70! c:

It takes ALOT of planning. I wanted to do that also but it was ALOT more expensive than I thought and I ended up not being able to do It. Best of kuck

That sucks! I hope you'll be able to do it some other time in the future! :)

That sounds like an adventure. I hope you do that some day :) If you ever end up where I live I could show you the beaches (j/k lol.)

Hahah thanks! :)

have fun and supply us with many pics after :)

I will! :)

come with me then

Thats a good plan! You planning a gap year to that in?? It would be a good way to figure out where you would like to live... You might like a country alot and want to live there!! You might meet some really cool people and make a new bunch of friends! EXCITING! ;) xo

Hahah no I hadn't thought about it, but now you're bringing it up, it could actually be so much fun!! I've always wanted to life in England or somewhere around there.. Who knows, maybe I will! ^^
Thaaanks! :D

I live in England and i want to move to America somewhere! aha i feel like England is too boring and there isn't much to do... Only in summer can you really get out... otherwise its too cold! You cant go to the beach without like 6 jumpers!! And yea i dunno... my opinion is that England is more just a place to visit and then leave... ;) hehe You might love it though so yea definilty plan a gap year!!! ;) xo

Hahah well, where I live it's double as cold and borring trust me! There's just beautiful and silent in England (on pics, I've never been there in person) :p Oh and I wanna catch a cool accent! :D

ahah ;) yea i have an english accent... when i go to Miami, the people there make such a fuss over it ahah its funny! I feel super posh when im there its unreal! I dont want to lose my accent, i just hope that when i move to America i will keep my Enlish accent ;)

Hahah yeah! British accents are special and cool! I'm sure you'll keep it! (;

If you are ever considering moving to the U.S. make sure you check out the desert southwest. It is some of the most beautiful, and diverse landscape you will ever see. The avg, temp where I live is 72 deg F or about 22 deg C. If I want to play in the snow in the winter time I can jump in my truck and drive 2 hrs and play for the day or the weekend and not have to live in it for 4 months. The sunshines everyday we only get 6-10 in of rain per year., but our summertime highs often hit 115 deg F or about 46 deg c. The diversity of the landscape is amazing from painted deserts and petrified forrests to red sandstone cliffs and mountians,, to monument valleys, to vast pine forrests and sky islands reaching above the tree line. Not to mention the canyons or lower deserts or the colorado river basin and lakes. Arizona alone has more than 10 million acres of public land

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Where do you get the around the world ticket ?

On the internet. Just type 'around the world ticket' and you'll get tons of websides who sell and plan and such. :)


The dream of a photographer.

Wait!!!!! Before all that u gotta work! For $$$ then buy that ticket haha

I'm a spoiled child, I'll get the money from my 18th birthday xD But trust me, I'm gonna work my arse off when I get home ^^

Haha so am I but probably still not enough... I still gotta work...😫😭😭😭 I wanna travel so badly! Actually with friend is nice , I don't wanna travel alone ...

Aww you can always travel! Work hard and then enjoy the freedom traveling gives you! ^^ Trust me, working hard for it makes the travel much more appreciated and good!
Yeah I'm going to travel with my bf I think.. She promised when I tickled her xD

That's so true! Aww that's nice~ ha! Ur so mean! Killing her weakness haha good ur not around me or I'll die too...

Hahah I just wanted a traveling buddy! Hahah I don't tickle if I get it my way ^^ (maybe a little just for the fun of it...)

Haha that's a great idea! Ah oh... I should better stay out of ur way...

Hahahh I'm not that bad! I just like to light up the day ^^

Haha I'm just kidding... Haha probably!

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