But i'm too scared to do it alone! :(
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Its not hard to do,its like riding a bike,once you get your balance you never feel scared to ride it again.

maybe you could join groups , and that way you wont be lonely and will be with a group of people

I took a 10 day trip by myself this year through another country and it was one of the most amazing experiences. I wish so done would have shared it with me but I can no longer wait. I have too big a bucket list!

I've been banned by jackey40 to replying to him. Banned by him to replying to his email that he sent that he killed his gf due to dwi, you should be In jail.

I'm telling people going to Asian countries, yes have fun, but don't go off the beaten path, do the tourist thing. I want people to have fun, but Be safe.

And hey jakey40, let's, meet face to face.

Make travel a priority. Forget having the latest toys & gadgets. Decide where you want to go & and just go - with or without a travel bud. If your SO is not with you, put him on the back burner. Then just go! You'll meet others who have made travel a priority. When you do, you'll know you did the right thing. When you get home you'll feel like you're the only one that can see in the valley of the blind.

And get off the cruise ship

It's not any greener anywhere else. All tho the towns are different in color and style, they may speak another languish, but all have the same things you have right at home.

I beg to differ. That's like saying all food is the same - although it all differs in color and style and is served differently, it all tastes the same!

Well have fun. I travel traveled the world with a sales job I had before I was trans and even tho I enjoyed it. There is no place like home for me now

Hey I get traveled out too. But a person has to travel first. Then you can say, it's nice to be home.

I plan to start my trip in march, hopefully in Australia on a backpacking trip all the way at the top from Queensland right down the coast to the bottom of victoria, staying in hostels and picking up any extra work and money to survive out there :3 new Zealand i would expect to be a real experience so close to aus! Hopefully some countries in Africa that speak english like Ghana, do volunteer programmes to help in small villages over there for children, the environment and building homes. You really get to see the culture and make a difference helping and those volunteer programmes are the exact same for places like Thailand and other countries in Asia. But lastly a stop in Peru and helping with conservation work and the environment and really getting a sense of achievement in helping people xD

Ou i forgot and maybe a stop off at camp america at the end of the summer 😁

Enjoy . But stay safe I hope you have a wonderful time .

Don't do it. Definitely don't do alone. Even that doesn't guarantee your safety. Before my story I'll say again don't do it.

My lil bro wanted to travel the world, backpacking with a pair of jeans. He wanted to go off the beaten path, not a tourist area, what he Said the real people. Yeah, he spent two months in a real people prison for no reason at all. .

When he was released and on a plane back home, my blonde hair blue eyed half brother was detained by US TSA as a terrorist because he said he was backpacking and didn't have luggage. We paid $250,000 to clear him while we watched an obliviously ethnic woman with a floor length gown and huge hat sail through TSA without a blip.


Yeah loads of fun. He met an Israeli man that was blind because he was a Husain prisoner, for being the wrong religion, and had acid dripped in his eyes, they high fived each other. He met another man that was smuggled out of Iraq but his family was hostage and probably killed, they whooped it up. He met an ex KGB naval officer that told him of things he wished he never heard, and he was held In an Indonesian prison for the crime of hearing those stories. So yeah loads of fun.

Maybe you should be in a foreign prison and see how much you have. You can post it on Instagram. *****.

Strange - I did the very same thing - but instead of a jail it was a hut in on a mountainside somewhere in the Swiss Alps - with cows with bells tied around their necks grazing. Or lost - totally lost - while meandering through a medieval village in Sicily - or Southern France, or Bangkok, or Siem Reap Cambodia........

And the very worst thing that happened on the trip was - it had to end & I had to go back home.

That's my problem too

I'll ride with u anywhere but just split 50/50 on my flight lol

Would some of your university friends not tracked with you take a year out and travel around together as a group ! I did that when I finished college and have to say we had a great year , some fantastic memories we are all still grinds today and get away together at least twice a year for weekend breaks . So why not ask your friends are they interested in travelling the world and work out what countries you really want to see and go for it . I hope you find your friends take the chance and you all have fun. Happy travelling.

They're not as into the travelling thing as I am. We go on party holidays and stuff together like Ibiza... But that's hardly travelling! Its great you've all kept in contact and still go away now :)

Perhaps after studying hard for your degrees you may find that they would be open to the idea of taking a year out to explore the world . All you can do is ask them you be surprised how many of them will be up for it . However I would say to you save as much as you can as it takes a lot of money to do and some countries can be expensive so make a budget and stick to it some countries have great back packing facilities others not so great and some countries are safe but other you need your wits about you but you will enjoy travelling especially after studying for three or four years so go and explore and enjoy it will be an eye opener for you all and something you won't regret . Ask your friends you won't know till you ask them.


And sometime you grew up and learned grammar? Or you want to be a perpetual child and haven't raised responsible offspring, and you are a big part of our problem now.

All of us are still good friends and we still get along and get together , only one person missing from the group of eleven which is now ten . It is well worth doing just for the experience alone travelling and seeing other countries and meeting people it is amazing a once in a lifetime experience that once you start working you won't be able to do . Do it while your young .

Sounds amazing :) thanks for your advice!

It is an amazing experience just stay safe when you travel and be aware of cultural differences . I hope you get to live your dream and good lick in your final year of college .

Meant luck

An amazing experience, just STAY SAFE. You'll either be killed or taken hostage and Obama will let you be killed cause bro gotta golf.

Yup only 1 out three will be missing and taken hostage. WHOO hoo. Sounds amazing !?

Check your private messages cann84 , it explains what I meant ok . Thanks

And hey, only one person guys!

She may get others to travel with her . It is not a journey you take on your own .

Not a journey you take on your own isn't alarm?

You are unfortunately a very shallow person cann84 I actually feel sorry for you and believe you get joy out of trolling . You should try embrace life while you are young and while you can be thankful you are alive instead of been so shallow minded .

Sadly one of friends died , we all returned safe from our travels . Cann84 I think you have an over imagination the world is to be explored it is not all violent or jungle out there but I gather you most likely have never tracked that's why you have such view points as you do .

My bf has a friend that worked for a company that sent him Brazil. He went alone with security and his family stayed here. After three months he quit because he said even with security it was too dangerous.

How long ago?

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Where do you want to go the most? :) maybe I could come with!

EVERYWHERE! :) haha. Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand... list goes on. Please do!

Me too! EVERYWHERE SOUNDS AMAZING! It gets boring just living and staying in one place doesn't it? :) id love to do one of those, walking and travelling all around Europe things haha

I know, the thought of working 9-5 until I retire just sounds so depressing!

Yeah! Once you leave intermediate/middle school, it's just never ending work until retirement :(
Ah, travelling sounds so amazing!

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I know the feeling...I'm taking the plunge next year!

Wow! That's great :) are you going with an organisation or anything or just doing it alone?

An organisation..still terrified but I couldn't keep waiting for someone to join me :/ where you thinking of going?

Yeah I know the feeling :/ I went with an organisation to Sri Lanka for 5 weeks last year, hated being with one in the sense you had to follow the organisations packed itinerary but wanted to travel so much! I still have a year at uni left so haven't really made a plan but should be all saved up by the end of it! Where you off to? Also what organisation are you going with?

I'm going partially alone in that they just sort out everything for you and put you on a flight with people :) it's called bunac

That sounds perfect, will check out the organisation!

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Meeeeee to! Let's go together! Lol

Wooo! :) sounds good to me!