I am not financially stable enough to take time to travel all the time but I can't wait until I am. Don't you always fascinate about the wonders of the world? How differently people do things compared to you? I want to try to travel to every continent even Antarctica, if that is possible. Lol!
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which country u want to travel ?

a lifetime isn't enough

I'm in the same boat. I'm not nearly financially stable enough to travel, but am doing it anyway. From one twenty-something to another, this is probably terrible advice, but I vote for just putting it on credit and going for it (as I am). When else in life are you going to get to travel? Definitely not once you have kids (sorry if you already do :-/).

I agree. I don't plan on having any kids so I can do this whenever. Lol. You're doing it anyway?!?! AWESOME! Where have you decided to go?

Well, the game plan right now is to fly in and out of Dublin (that's the cheapest plane ticket I've found, which in March is about 800 dollars round trip) and from Dublin go to England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. As I'm making my final plans I might see if I can throw in a couple of days in the "cheaper" countries like Greece and Prague but for now I kind of just want to do a quick tour of the big countries. Plus, I speak French and Spanish and figure I might as well use those. I'm staying in hostels, which run from about 25-30 per night if you stay in a 10 person room. Most of them have all girl rooms, which I'm more comfortable with, but all of the ones I've seen in Italy so far are mixed gender. When all is said and done, I'm planning on the whole trip costing about 2000 dollars, including my food and a couple of souvenirs.

It's possible, if you're willing to put up with inconvenience and leave behind luxuries. Stay at cheap hotels, eat the daily special at cheap restaurants where the locals do, take buses instead of plane or rental cars. Yep, you'll sleep with cockroaches, get sick, eat cow nose soup, and spend hours sitting in traffic, but you'll be there.

In 1986 I sold my motorcycle for a round-trip ticket to Peru good for five months. I'd spent two years scrimping and saving up about a fifth of a normal year's earnings (about $2000 then) and had the time of my life. I drank with fishermen, danced in fiestas, slept on the beach, met people from all over the world who were also traveling cheap, and never regretted a second of it.

I met my wife while dancing in that fiesta, but I wouldn't count on that happening to everyone.

That's like the story of a lifetime! I wish I could do all that! I don't have the bravery to endure the bad parts of it. My hat goes off to you. Lol. But the rest sounds marvelous—dancing in fiestas? Sleeping on the beach? Awesome! Maybe if I don't have any obligations in the future I will do something like that. Congrats for meeting your wife while doing that. That's lovely. If you could do it again, where would you go?

More Peru. In my five months as a tourist I saw only a small slice of the southern portion of the country. It's much larger than it looks on the map, the projection shrinks it in comparison to the higher-latitude countries, it's one fifth the size of the US, and contains every climate. You can get on a bus and go from;
Rain forest
Subtropical forest
Cloud forest (really, really neat)
High prairie
Semi-desert scrub
the driest desert in the world
to the Pacific Coast.

We have a house near Cusco now and will retire there in a few years. From there we expect to be able to explore the country by minivan at our leisure. We're older and richer now, and my wife likes her little luxuries. We'll undoubtedly wander into Bolivia and Ecuador as well, maybe even Chile. Check out Paruro, Cuzco, Peru in Google Earth to see why we will spend the rest of our lives there.

Totally feel the same way! But money always gets in the way doesn't it>.< *punches wall*

Lol. I know right?! If that weren't the case, I don't think I would even be in the same place all the time. By the way, your name is awesome pal! Lol

Yeah why stay in one place when there's so much to explore right?
hahah thanks! Cheese is awesome:D

Exactly! Where would you go? And I love love love cheese! Any time I have a chance to eat it, I'll take it. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

I don't know where to start hmm maybe categorizing might help..okay so maybe something to the nature side would be like those paradise looking beaches like maldives,Grand Canyon,pyramids in Egypt,seven wonders of the world! (but i heard there's more than that) and so many more.Something more to the modern side would be Japan since they're pretty known for their advanced technology plus they have a pretty rich culture,UK,USA and Europe.Heard they've got lots of pretty and beautiful places and sceneries there:3 There's so many places I want to travel really,this isn't everything! And yay!Someone who LOVES cheese a lot!:D same i'll take any chance to eat it.sometimes i'd just eat those sliced cheese in packets supposedly to be used in sandwiches(who cares!) and eat them as snacks!

I have heard that Maldives is awesome! Pretty expensive but really nice. I love going to the beach if the water is really nice like by the islands and stuff. I've always wanted to go to Japan. My stepmom is from there and I've heard lovely stories. Another place I've heard great things about is The Philippines. It probably doesn't sound so glamorous but I have heard that it is underrated. The sceneries are to die for and the food is exquisite. You eat cheese like that? That's so awesome. I buy cheese sticks and people look at me like "you're just gonna eat that like that?" And I say "well of course! Why not? It's delicious!" Lol. Have you ever had Brie Cheese?

oooo what kind of lovely stories if i may ask?
Haha I bet most cheese lovers would eat cheese like that!nope i've yet to try it though I heard from a lot of people that it's good.Have you tried it?If you have,then how is it?

Well I've heard lots about architecture, nature, the people, and the food. One of my bosses just came back from there in the beginning of the summer and he said he drove through the country side in one of those towns and said it was just gorgeous!
I have never tried it before. People call me Brie Cheese sometimes because my name is Bri so I've always been curious about how it is but I was too scared to experiment. Lol. Maybe I'll buck up and just do it. Lol.

wow now i really feel like going to Japan..i agree it is gorgeous!I've seen those travel shows on tv showcasing Japan's traditional places and I'm just awed by it! *v*
haha let's both try it then!

Def! I already packed my bags lady. When do we leave? Lol
What is your name MadCheeseLover?

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