I would like to travel to
1.) Bali Indonesia
2.) Germany
3.) Paris France
4.) Luxembourg
5.) Japan
6.) LA
7.) aspen Colorado
8.) London
9.) Switzerland Zurich
And so many other places. I never want to be in one place. I think your life is richer when you travel and see other culture.
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I'd love to go to Paris and London!

I have been to Germany Paris and London and I am going to give you a piece of advice. No more than one night in Paris. It is dirty and expensive. On one night if you bust tail you can see the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, and one other place of your choosing (or just whatever you wanna see. Pretty much top 3 things) but everything is expensive. I think 10€ (euro) to climb the Eiffel Tower. Minimum 390 US dollars currently to spend one night in a decent hotel. London is great but don't drive. Period. Walk to a tube station then walk everywhere else. Or take a double decker. It is cleaner than Paris. Germany: We went to Munich. Compared to the other big cities it is very CLEAN. You can get anywhere in Munich via the S-Bahn (public train) and it is very efficient. As you get into the city they start to repeat things in English too so that helps. Definitely finish in Germany, Munich if you can. And if you see Munich, be at city hall at 11:00 am for the glockenspiel. You cannot miss the city hall. Just get off at Marienplatz. Have fun in your travels :)

Thanks for the advice !

Happy to help :)

I live in Indonesia. Recommend it!