Traveling the world has been my outmost dream. I want to travel the world with my best friend and love of my life that I have shared 4 years of my life with. Only thing is we are in completely different paths in life and I will have to adventure on my own. Should I just go by myself or should I wait and share these experiences with my significant other?
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Take the opportunity to do it whilst you have it. You won't regret it! If you start out travelling and it doesn't feel right you can always make the choice to come back and wait until your partner is ready.

I say go by yourself. I started traveling over 30 years ago while I was in the Navy. Yes, after I got out of the Navy, I did go with someone I knew the time as a civilian. We went to a family wedding in Sicily for one of her distant cousins. On that month long trip, we also went to Naples, Rome, and Florence. Starting with that first trip, I started befriending people. My girlfriend of 30 years ago married someone else and has six kids. I have remained friends with her and many of the people I've met along the line. In January, my wife and I will be married 20 years. We both like to travel, and often do so together. However, for a host of reasons, we don't always travel together. Sometimes we travel with close friends from here in the U.S., other times we travel with our European relatives, and even other times we travel or meet friends from previous trips. My advice to you would be-don't keep putting things off. If you want to travel do it. Otherwise, when you get older you will likely have regrets-time waits for no man.

Thank u so much for that, I have decided to overcome my fears and go forward with what I know I must do. World, here I come! :)

Have a great time!

My dream also was to travel the world. I did travel to many countries and I am glad that I did it with my boyfriend who is currently my husband. We still travel together and we love to look back at these memories and photos and laugh. Nice moments in life are always better shared. Cheers to more traveling