All I want to do before the night takes my life is see the world. So many people so much to see. I haven't gotten very far from California but I can feel that the time is coming. Time to jog around the earth and say hey to all they people while they stare and say to each other, "what did that dude just say to us?" In their native tongue or whatever. I got a friend from Bosnia but she just started school in Florida so she isn't over seas at the moment. just across the country. I want to go to Seattle first. Then Florida then New York then out of the county. This new job I'm about to start is going to get me the cash to make it happen. I can't wait! If it doesn't work out I can always go be an illegal alien somewhere and escape from America! haha. Anyone ever thought of just taking off with a backpack and saying HERE WE GO. where? Everywhere! Lets try not to get caught and captured. For freedom!
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I have done some of that, I made friends on the web to the countries I wanted to visit and went to it one by one, and stayed with them. I learned how to cook and as a thank you for letting me stay at their place I cooked them a meal. It was awesome, I am planing to do more of it soon. One tip when you this if your in foreign countries like Europe make sure you have a home base usually an English speaking country. Mine was England in any case if something happens you can always go back there to sort things out. And if you want to travel in Europe buy the tickets there allow 2 weeks coz it's cheaper. And have one cargo pants with lots of pockets and when and where you travel put some money in each pocket coz just incase you get pick pocketed you have money to return to your hotel, or motel. Pick pockets is very common when you travel back packs with your passport or tickets is not a good idea the slash the bottom and take things bum bag with your money and passport is better you can still have a back pack but beware. Apart from that have an awesome time it's really great. Lonely planet guide is a must. :)

Thx for the tips. Ill have to get me some cargo pants. So you met people over the internet and they let you stay at their place? That sounds really exciting. Adventurous you know? I would defiantly cook someone dinner if they let me crash at their spot. Maybe even show them some of my awesome dance moves. I wouldn't really know how to make friends with someone so far away though.

Easy just pick places and usually you get chatting and if you click with them you can usually tell. Two guys that was in Portugal and one in Ireland couldn't be there but they gave me keys to their places and crashed there for 3 nights. Get to know them over time.

How cool. Alright ill try to click with someone far away and see what happens. You got any favorite places that stand out among the rest?

For me it was Spain cheaper so your money will stretch more, and Greece and Italy. Ireland wasn't bad and Scotland but expensive and the weather was depressing it rained every second day and hardly saw the sun I am from Australia and it's ultra sunny here so I missed the sun.

That's funny you mention a credit card cause I'm trying to start one right now so ill be able to get a house or something in the future. I was on the phone with a bank like 30 minutes ago lol. All those places you mentioned are on my to see list. If I didn't know any better I would say every place everywhere is on that list. Australia has always intrigued my sunny side lifestyle.

Ohh a credit card is a must coz a lot place like travel agency only take credit cards. And give someone you trust like your mum access to your credit card coz if you have problems overseas with your credit card you need to be able ask someone to check what's going on. If you call from overseas they put on hold and you will spend a fortune. And also let the banks know your going overseas so incase you loose or get your card stolen it can easily be tracked. And let your mum or someone know where you are like what country too, just small precautions gives you a little piece of mind. I learnt this the hard way! And the tourist places are great but if you want to experience the country go out further from the city and most times you find awesome places and they are usually more friendly. My experience!

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where do you want to go out your country? which place first?

The UK. Anywhere in there and Ill just make my way around for a month or so. Going with the flow of things.